Avital Remote Car Starter Models

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At Sounds Incredible Mobile we have remote car starters like the Avital 4115L starting as little as $258.69 installed with parts, labor and CT sales tax*

It’s 10 degrees outside and there’s a foot of snow covering your car.  Digging out and warming up your car can be an unpleasant chore. With a remote car starter from Sounds Incredible Mobile in Brookfield, CT, you can warm up your car and start the de-icing process from inside the comfort of your own home with the simple push of a button.

What kind of range do you need in a Remote Car Starter?

Most of our customers can see their car from where they’re starting it. It’s usually right outside the house in the driveway well within a couple hundred feet. Even our most basic remote car starter like the Avital 4115L would have you covered in that type of parking scenario. It has a range of up to 500 feet – for reference that’s about a football field and a half. When remote started, the vehicle’s parking lights will come on and stay on – so if you can see the vehicle, you’ll know it got the signal and is running. If you can’t see your vehicle, check out the Viper extended range models we have available featuring 1 mile range and 2-way confirmation.

Aside from remote start, this one button system also features unlock. Most factory keyless entry remotes are inoperative when the ignition is on. With the Avital 4115L remote car starter you can conveniently unlock your doors even while the vehicle is running. Simply press the button once to start the car and once more to unlock the doors. If you changed your mind and need to turn it back off, just simply press and hold the remote for about 3 seconds to turn the vehicle off.

Remote Car Starter with Keyless Entry – Carry one remote for everything

Remote Car Starters Danbury Brookfield New Milford Newtown Brewster

Avital 4105L Remote Car Starter featuring Start, Lock, Unlock, Trunk and Panic starting at $290.55 installed with CT sales tax*

If you currently have power door locks or have a separate keyless entry remote for your power door locks, it may be more convenient to go with something like the Avital 4105L.

The Avital 4105L features a 4 button remote control with functions like:

Lock, Unlock, Start/Stop, Trunk Release (if equipped with power trunk release) & Panic

Remote Car Starters with Lifetime Warranty

Like all remote car starters from Sounds Incredible Mobile, these Avital remote car starters come with a limited lifetime product warranty and lifetime warranty on installation.

If you’re tired of getting into a freezing cold car in the winter – or piping hot car in the summer – contact us today to learn more about having a remote car starter installed in your vehicle.

*Many vehicles require an additional part to interface with the vehicle’s passive anti-theft system. Contact us with the year, make and model of your vehicle and we will be happy to provide with you an exact price including all necessary parts, labor and sales tax.

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