OEM Integration

Sounds Incredible Mobile in Brookfield, CT specializes in OEM integration. OEM integration typically refers to the process of upgrading the sound quality of a vehicle’s audio system while maintaining the stock look and appearance of the vehicle.

Improving your stock car audio system

One of the easiest ways to improve sound quality in any stock car audio system is to add a subwoofer. To properly recreate the full presence and depth of most audio recordings in a vehicle, you typically need a subwoofer. The subwoofer’s large surface area is designed to reproduce those lower frequencies that are typically missing in most standard car audio systems.

What if your car audio system needs more than a subwoofer?

Sounds Incredible Mobile has OEM integration processors available. These processors enable us to completely upgrade the sound of your car audio system without physically changing the stereo or altering the interior appearance. OEM integration processors are commonly referred to as a DSP or Digital Signal Processor.

What can an OEM integration DSP do for your car audio system?

Along with quality speakers, an amplifier and proper tuning, an OEM integration DSP can add detail, warmth, vibrancy, depth and articulation to any factory stereo system. Most factory audio systems lack this level of detail.

Additionally, most factory audio systems tend to have an audio signal that is regulated and attenuated. For example – you may find that your factory car audio system sounds okay at lower volumes. However, as you turn the volume up you may notice the bass level stays pretty flat and only the mid-range and treble frequencies are raised. This results in a very tinny, hollow and often unpleasant tonal balance.

Why do factory stereos do this? The factory stereo is internally regulating and attenuating those lower bass frequencies in order to prevent damage to the original speakers. Simply upgrading the speakers and adding an amp won’t do anything to correct this unpleasant processing of the factory stereo. However, a quality OEM integration DSP can correct this signal and add a level of detail, clarity and warmth that would otherwise be lacking from the factory stereo.

To find out more about how an OEM integration DSP can improve your car audio system, call or stop in today.