Custom Car Audio Installation

Why we offer custom car audio installation

Depending on what type of vehicle you have and what you’re looking to achieve, a custom car audio installation solution may be best option available. For example, what would you do if your factory radio was broken and the dealer wanted over $2k to replace it? Most likely you would consider a more cost effective aftermarket radio. Well, what if there were no aftermarket stereo installation kits available for your vehicle? 

What to do when your factory 2012 F-150 navigation radio breaks.

What to do when your factory 2012 F-150 navigation radio breaks? Come see Sounds Incredible Mobile in Brookfield, CT.

Such was the case with this 2012 F-150 shown above which arrived to us with a broken factory Ford GPS navigation stereo. It left our shop with a fully integrated aftermarket Kenwood CarPlay compatible stereo.

Custom car audio subwoofer enclosures

What do you do if you love the way an aftermarket subwoofer sounds, but you don’t want a large bulky subwoofer enclosure taking up your valuable cargo space? Allow Sounds Incredible Mobile to design and fabricate a space saving subwoofer enclosure that is form fitted and tuned for your specific vehicle. 

Jeep Wrangler Custom Subwoofer

Jeep Wrangler Subwoofer – Custom Car Audio Installation

That’s exactly what we did for this Jeep Wrangler. In the photo above you will see a custom fabricated 12″subwoofer and enclosure formed to the passenger side rear cargo panel (woofer fires into the passenger side wall).

Custom car audio installation for atypical vehicles

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade the stereo in a rare vehicle. With a little creativity and ingenuity, Sounds Incredible Mobile can provide a custom car audio solution that not only sounds great, but is also practical and aesthetically pleasing. This is the approach we took when we installed a Bluetooth stereo, speakers and amplifier in this 1969 Scout.

1969 Scout Stereo

1969 Scout Stereo with Custom Car Audio Installation

An aftermarket Bluetooth stereo was mounted inside the customer’s heavy duty center storage console. A compact, yet powerful marine grade amplifier was mounted underneath the driver’s seat to power a pair of underdash 4-inch speaker enclosures and a pair of freshly fabricated rear 6×9 speaker enclosures.

1969 Scout Rear 6x9 Enclosures

Custom Car Audio Installation – 1969 Scout Rear 6×9 Enclosures

With the aftermarket radio hidden, we installed a convenient and discreet stereo volume knob alongside the original stereo in the dash.

1969 Scout Stereo Volume Knob

1969 Scout Stereo Volume Knob

Custom car audio installation doesn’t always mean fabricating a trunk stacked full of subwoofers and amplifiers. Quite the contrary. Here at Sounds Incredible Mobile in Brookfield, CT, custom solutions are applied to car audio on a daily basis. We believe a custom tailored approach to car audio can deliver the best fit for our clients – especially those with unique needs and unique vehicles. Contact us today to discuss a custom car audio installation for your vehicle.