Radar Detection Systems

9500ixSounds Incredible Mobile offers a variety of options for radar and laser detection – both with and without laser shifting, also known as laser diffusing. These products are designed to provide you early warning detection and block the laser signal from tagging your vehicle.

We carry several different models from both Escort and K40 with laser shifting technology. Each has their own unique pro’s and con’s.

K40 has a slightly more discreet installation with two simple LED indicator lights, a hidden under dash speaker and wireless remote to access and change settings.

K40 LED indicators in turn signals Mercedes GLE43 AMG

K40 LED indicators hidden behind turn signal indicators in Mercedes GLE43 AMG

Escort has both a display and control pad to access and change settings. The Escort Max Ci platform includes advanced technology such as a GPS database for false alerts and access to the Escort Live network. Similar to the Waze navigation app, if a Escort radar detector detects a threat from another Escort Live user nearby, the app will notify and warn you. It is a network of radar detector users sharing and receiving radar detector alerts in real time.

Escort Max CI 360 Mirror BMW M3

Escort Max CI 360 Mirror BMW M3

If you like the technology of Escort, but prefer a more discreet installation, for select vehicles we have the ability to integrate the OLED display into the rear view mirror allowing for a cleaner, streamlined installation. For a truly integrated experience, for select vehicles, we can fully integrate both the radar detector display and controls directly into the vehicle’s instrument cluster. Check out our YouTube video for a demonstration.

Whether you are looking for a reliable windshield mounted radar detector that you can install yourself or for a more advanced, discreetly installed detector with laser shifting, Sounds Incredible Mobile has it all. Our staff can assist you in deciding which radar detector is right for you and professionally install the radar detector that suits your unique needs. Contact us for details and availability for your vehicle.