Dash Cameras with Professional Installation

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Blackvue DR900s-1CH Dash Cam DVR available at Sounds Incredible Mobile, Brookfield, CT.

Blackvue DR900s-1CH Dash Camera with Professional Installation available at Sounds Incredible Mobile, Brookfield, CT.

At Sounds Incredible Mobile, we offer several dash cameras with professional installation from the manufacturer Blackvue. We have several Blackvue dash cameras to choose from such as the DR900s-1CH and DR900s-2CH both featuring a 4K ultra HD, ultra wide viewing angle forward facing camera.

Our Blackvue dash cameras with professional installation are designed to record continuously – always ready to catch and save events when an impact or sudden change in speed is detected. These events are saved in a separate partition on the included SD card and can easily be downloaded or played back via an app on your phone.

We install dash cams that will operate even when the vehicle is parked and stationary. A dash camera with professional installation in “park mode” can potentially catch a thief, vandal or hit and run in the act. When the vehicle is off, the camera is in a standby mode ready to wake up and record if it detects impact or motion. Our Blackvue dash cameras with professional installation include a special constant power adapter called the Magic Power Pro that monitors your vehicle battery voltage so you don’t have to worry about the dash camera draining your vehicle battery. If the Blackvue dash camera detects your vehicle battery voltage drop below 12 volts, it will turn itself off completely to prevent battery drainage.

Sounds Incredible Mobile provides professional installation of dash cameras and provides full demonstration of the accompanying dash cam app. To find out more about which models we carry and what it would cost to have a dash camera installed your vehicle, contact us today.