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Car Audio

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Car Audio Specialists

Sounds Incredible Mobile in Brookfield, CT has been helping customers with their car audio needs in the greater Danbury area since the early eighties.  Our team of mobile electronics experts have combined over 70 years’ experience. By pooling our talents, our team works together to design and install car audio system upgrades tailored to our client’s unique application. In terms of car audio upgrades, we offer from mild to wild. Whether it’s a simple in-dash stereo replacement or a full system upgrade or an elaborate SQ system with advanced DSP control, our team is happy to create the perfect sound system that balances your needs, audio palate and budget.

Expert Tuning

As part of our installations, we employ a variety of tuning techniques including the use of an RTA as seen in the photo above. Aside from his great ear, John uses his Real Time Analyzer and pink noise to tune many of the advanced car audio systems that we install. As a former IASCA SQ judge, John not only knows how to achieve great sound quality through various amplifier, head unit and DSP settings, he also knows exactly what great sound quality should look like on his RTA.

Expert Installation

Creating a high-fidelity car audio system is not as easy as simply purchasing and installing premium car audio equipment. It requires a knowledgeable and skilled installer to ensure speakers are properly mounted and wired in correct phase. Amplifier gains and crossovers must be accurately set and any available EQ should be appropriately adjusted. Without professional installation, good quality components will not perform as intended. They can even be damaged if improperly installed.

At Sounds Incredible Mobile, our skilled installation technicians have over 50 years combined experience in the industry. We proudly back our car audio installations with a lifetime warranty on labor. If you are going to invest in upgrading your car audio system, make sure you are reaching the full performance capability of your equipment by having it professionally installed by our skilled technicians.

Quality Car Audio Components

In addition to our talent for tuning, we start with using quality components. Armed with an arsenal of premium car audio brands, our expert’s cherry pick from a variety of equipment available to create the ideal upgrade for your vehicle and your budget.

At Sounds Incredible Mobile, you’ll find quality car audio brands such as Alpine, Audison, Focal, Helix, Hertz, iDatalink, JBL, JL Audio, Kenwood, Match, Mobridge, Morel, Mosconi, Nav TV, PAC Audio, Pioneer, Sony, Stinger and more. With many car audio products available for audition in our showroom and demo vehicles onsite, our staff will gladly assist you by auditioning and explaining the various options available to you.

Car Audio Consultation

If you’d like a consultation to learn more about the various car audio upgrades available for your vehicle, contact us today. Our experts are happy to provide free estimates over the phone, via text, email or in person in our showroom. No appointment is necessary for consultation. Our experts are happy to get to know you and audition as well as explain various options to best meet your needs.

Whether you’re in need of a simple radio upgrade or a complete car audio overhaul, we will work hard to find the right solution for each customer to fit their unique needs, tastes and budget.  Call or stop in today to hear what we can do for you.

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