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Custom Car Audio

Custom car stereo CT NY

What is Custom Car Audio?

When people hear the phrase custom car audio, they might immediately think of an elaborate custom designed trunk filled top to bottom with subwoofers. At Sounds Incredible Mobile, that’s not how we define custom car audio installations. Custom car audio usually involves a combination of fabrication and design work resulting in clever solutions to incorporate modern technology and audio upgrades into classic or otherwise rare vehicles.

Atypical Car Audio Installations

Atypical car audio installations are pretty typical at Sounds Incredible Mobile. You name it, we have probably worked on it. Some of the interesting atypical vehicles that we’ve had the pleasure of working on include a right-hand drive Jeep Wrangler US Postal Service Carrier Vehicle, a Kaiser-Jeep M725 Ambulance and a 1995 Land Rover Defender 90 which now features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What all of these clients have in common is they were unsatisfied with the limited parts and options available on the market for their vehicles. This is why our client with the 1995 Land Rover Defender 90 opted to have us custom design and fabricate an installation bezel to accommodate an aftermarket radio into his dash where no radio had previously existed. In addition to fabricating the installation bezel, our technician also added OEM style paneling and dome lighting where none were previously.

Clean and Classy

In all the custom fabrication work that we do here, our goal is keeping any modifications made as clean and period appropriate as possible. We want our work to blend in so you don’t even notice its aftermarket at first glance. That isn’t always easy, but with the right vision, appropriate time, materials and tools, our technicians can hand craft a solution for your unique custom car audio application.

Drive a Classic Vehicle?

Custom car stereo fabrication isn’t always required for classic vehicles. If you are interested in upgrading the stereo system in your classic vehicle, but you do not want to alter the dash or cut any original paneling, you’re not alone. Most of our clients that drive classic vehicles feel this way. At Sounds Incredible Mobile we have creative solutions for adding amplifiers, speakers and even Bluetooth to classic vehicles without compromising the look and integrity of your vehicle.

Custom Car Audio Fabrication Services

  • Rear Seat Delete Panel Fabrication
  • Hand Crafted Subwoofer Enclosures
  • Stereo Dash Kit Fabrication
  • Classic Car Audio Installations
  • Custom Fabrication for Rare Vehicles

Looking for more information?

Send Us a Message

Do you have a unique or rare vehicle in need of an audio or technology upgrade? Please reach out to us via phone/text or email with your vehicle details. Kindly let us know what your current set up is lacking and what you’d like to achieve. Pictures are helpful if you can email or text them. Consultation appointments with technicians are available after preliminary sales inquiries and estimates are made. Allow our skilled technicians to design and fabricate a solution to fulfill your custom car audio needs.