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Radar & Laser

Detection and Protection

Sounds Incredible Mobile offers a variety of options for radar and laser detection – both with and without laser shifting, also known as laser diffusing. These products are designed to provide you early warning detection and block the laser signal from tagging your vehicle. We carry several different models from both Escort and K40 with laser shifting technology. Each brand has their own unique pro’s and con’s.

K40 Radar Detection with Laser Jamming

K40 is known for their simple, easy to use product and their stealth installation. Their a la carte design allows us to build a system catered to your vehicle and driving habits. Our experts will put together a package with the appropriate number of radar receivers and laser diffusers.

The most common K40 configuration includes a front and rear radar receiver plus, at a minimum, two front laser jammers. Other than a wireless remote control to change volume or settings, the only visual display inside the interior are two Blue LED indicator lights that are discreetly and professionally integrated in the instrument cluster area. Behind the driver’s side dash is where a hidden speaker resides to announce alerts. If you are tagged with laser, both LED’s will flash rapidly while an alert plays through the hidden speaker. Simultaneously, the K40 system blocks the laser signal for 10 seconds giving you a critical window to check your speed.

Escort Radar Detection with Laser Jamming

Escort radar detection is known for their advanced receiving range and unique Defender database as well as their Escort Live Network app. These advanced technologies combine to provide users with a wide range of protection.

The Defender Database, unique to Escort Radar, provides users advanced alerts for red light and speed camera locations. The Escort Live Network app enables users to receive real-time alerts obtained from other Escort radar users on the road. This technology is conveniently included with premium Escort radar detector model MAX 360 ci. Inside the vehicle cabin users have access to the vibrant OLED display and control pad to quickly mute or access/change settings. With its front and rear design, included 4 laser jammers, GPS database and Escort Live Network, the Escort MAX Ci 360 provides users with the ultimate technology in radar and laser protection.

Portable Radar Detectors

Portable radar detectors can provide drivers advanced warning for radar. However, their only weakness in design is their lack of true laser protection. Laser, unlike radar, is an instant trigger which means this type of detector is unable to provide advanced warning for laser. If your portable radar detector detects laser, it’s probably too late. Thankfully, full laser protection can be added to many dash mounted radar detectors using an add-on laser shifter kit. When combined with a vehicle specific BlendMount and professional installation, these various components can create a cost-effective, discreet and efficient, front only radar and laser solution.

Radar Mirror and Cluster Display Integration

If you like the advanced technology of Escort, but prefer a more discreet display solution, Sounds Incredible Mobile can integrate the Escort MAX Ci 360 OLED display into your rear-view mirror with the assistance of technology partner Radar-Mirror. To find out if your mirror is compatible, contact us today with the year, make and model of your vehicle.

For a truly integrated experience, the Escort MAX Ci 360 display, settings and alerts can be fully integrated into the instrument cluster display of select vehicles. This OEM style integration solution is accomplished using an interface from technology partner Mid City Engineering. Contact us today to see if your vehicle is compatible with the Instrument Cluster and Steering Wheel Control Interface.

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Whether you are looking for a reliable windshield mounted radar detector that you can install yourself or for a more advanced, discreetly installed detector with laser shifting, Sounds Incredible Mobile has it all. Our staff can assist you in deciding which radar and laser detector is right for you and professionally install the radar and laser system that suits your unique needs. Contact us for details and availability for your vehicle.