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Sound Dampening

Vehicle Sound Dampening Services

Do you find yourself having to strain to hear your GPS navigation directions at critical junctions? Is your stereo volume maxed out at higher cruising speeds and still not quite loud enough? If road and tire noise are negatively impacting your driving experience, consider scheduling an appointment with Sounds Incredible Mobile for sound dampening services. Vehicle sound dampening products are a type of insultation material made specifically to reduce cabin noise levels and improve stereo sound quality.

Not Just for Car Audio Systems

Sound dampening materials can dramatically improve your car audio system. However, their ability to quiet cabins is what is truly impressive. A few years ago, we had a client inquire about reducing his cabin noise levels in his 2013 Audi S4. This client loved his car, but wasn’t happy with the sound levels inside the vehicle. This was especially noticeable for him while driving at higher speeds.

Cut Road Noise in Half

Our technicians tackled the problem with a variety of Dynamat sound dampening materials applied in the doors, the floor, the roof and the trunk. The results were dramatic. The client found that while traveling at 70 mph with a bike loaded on his roof rack, cabin noise levels were reduced by at least 6 decibels. This is quite a significant reduction when you consider -5 dB is perceived as a “clearly noticeable change” in audio levels and that -10 dB is perceived as “half as loud”. This client concluded that he felt overall road noise had been cut in half.

Depending on the type of product used, as well as amount of product used and the areas it is applied to, sound dampening can reduce cabin noise levels anywhere from 3 to 10 dB. The more material used and areas covered, the more dramatic your results will be.

Improve Bass Response

The steady drone of tire and road noise exists in the frequency range 200 – 1300 Hz. This is also the same frequency range as bass and mid-range when we think in terms of a basic 3 band EQ with Bass – Mid – Treble. Because tire and road noise occur at a higher output than our car stereo, this frequency range in our music tends to get lost while we are driving. By applying sound dampening materials that are capable of greatly reducing tire and road noise we are able to hear the bass and mid-range that were previously being downed out. The end result is improved sound quality with increased bass response.

Sound Dampening for Sound Quality

If you’re planning on installing premium aftermarket speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers in your vehicle, why wouldn’t you want to invest in a product that insures you get the best performance possible out of those components?  Upgrading a car stereo system without proper sound dampening material is like taking two steps forward and one step back. Get the most out of your car audio components by installing them in an acoustically sound environment.  Experience improved stereo performance, more detail, increased bass response while reducing rattles, reverberation and distortion with a professional sound dampening installation from Sounds Incredible Mobile.

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