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Vehicle Safety

Reverse Camera Installation Connecticut, New York

Reverse Cameras

Reverse cameras are a standard vehicle safety feature on newer cars. However, you don’t have to buy a new car to benefit from this technology. Sounds Incredible Mobile carries a wide variety of OEM style reverse cameras for all different makes and model vehicles.

Perhaps you are tired of straining your neck as you try to back out of a parking space in a busy shopping center. Or maybe you drive a fun little convertible that happens to have a horrid blind spot. It’s possible you could use some help backing up your truck to your trailer hitch. Whatever your parking situation may be, Sounds Incredible Mobile can install a reverse camera to add an additional level of vehicle safety and convenience to your everyday driving experience.

Dash Cameras

A vehicle Dash Camera is a small discreet camera that is designed to be placed in the front windshield and rear window of a vehicle. Placed in a position to monitor the road ahead and behind you, the Dash Camera system is constantly recording like a surveillance camera system for your car.

In the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident, your Dash Camera may be the key to exonerating you from any wrongdoing. A Dash Camera can provide valuable video surveillance to investigators and insurance companies streamlining what could otherwise be a long, drawn out process.

Park Mode Dash Cameras

Although all Dash Cameras are designed to record while you are driving for vehicle safety purposes, most of our dash cameras also feature a convenient park mode option. Park mode means that the Dash Camera is resting in a standby position while the vehicle is parked and ignition is off. While in this park mode, if any motion or impact is detected, the Dash Camera will wake up and record. This is especially helpful in cases of theft, vandalism, parking lot accidents or any other type of hit and run.

Park Distance Sensors

Reverse Park Distance Sensors are a common vehicle safety feature among many newer automobiles today, however they are not a standard feature. Thankfully, Park Distance Sensors can be easily added aftermarket to virtually any vehicle, often times with the option of color matching the sensors to your vehicle paint.

Protect your family, protect yourself. Invest in a Park Distance Sensor system that can detect people, animals or objects behind you that you may not be able to detect on your own.

Blind Spot Detection

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to find yourself distracted while driving. An aftermarket Blind Spot Detection system can be there to alert you before you make a mistake. Vehicle safety is enhanced by two high accuracy digital microwave radar-based sensors that are discreetly and expertly mounted behind your rear bumper. These sensors will detect when an object is in your blind spot. They are accompanied by two illuminated indicator icons mounted in your front driver and passenger a-pillar area. These indicators will simply illuminate if there is an object in your blind spot. However, if you have your turn signal activated when there is an object in your blind spot, an audible beep alerts you.

Our Blind Spot Detection systems are GPS based and only active at speeds over 20 mph to help eliminate false alerts. As an added bonus, our Blind Spot Detection system will provide a cross traffic alert while reversing out of parking spaces. Calibration is completed at the time of installation by one of our professional technicians.

Aftermarket Blind Spot Install Connecticut New York
Blind Spot Detection Installation Connecticut, New York

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